I've not seen anybody smoke weed from a glass pipe. I've not seen a glass pipe other than what meth heads use. Probably because I'm in Australia, where here pipes tend to be wood, brass or anodized alloy. Another difference I've noticed is the majority of potheads here mix with tobacco where most Americans I've met… » 11/23/13 7:52pm 11/23/13 7:52pm

Oh yeah mate?? I could easily see that yank tank make it about three foot into a typical Aussie bush track before it gets its lifted fat arse, stuck up to its solid axles in mud, with its driver covered in funnel webs. » 11/04/13 7:01am 11/04/13 7:01am

Come on, not even a little blat on the dirt just off the side of the road, getting a little slide in the arse before closing off the throttle in a panic? You know, to show the punters what 'adventure' bikers do. » 10/22/13 7:03am 10/22/13 7:03am